Past Retreats


Spirit House Collective Presents The Seeker Retreat

November 30th-December 3rd 2018 OAKLAND CALIFORNIA

My soul is my guide

The Seeker is a place for those committed to unfolding the petals that connect us to The Other Side. It's mysteries and its gifts

This will be a place in time carved out just for you.

A place to receive communications from your higher self and your guides. To connect to physical and subtle bodies.

You will be given time to dive into the messages, symbols and visions with grace, with silence and with community.

There is A SEEKER within us all

Will you give your inner wild woman permission to run free? 
To connect more fully to her third eye and crown chakras?
Will you walk further down the path of empowerment?




· Connect with your Spirit Guides and the other side
· Crystal Bowl Sound Baths
· Discover the "Clairs" within you
· Daily Meditations and connection to your Higher Self

· The Circle of The Open Heart- Release and Expand
· Daily Body Movement practice focused on connecting to our spirit in order to deepen our spiritual connection.




Spring 2018

Hello Goddess,

Spirit House has fostered a space for self discovery.

A community where you can peel back layers of the self to help manifest a life led by the heart. Too often this work is cut short by time constraints and obligations that are at times counter productive to the soul work we need.

Join us on the evening of April 27th, as we step into a 3 night spiritual journey of communion, magic and the child within on the mystical lands of Joshua Tree.

The sands of Joshua Tree are symbolic of the obstacles and hardships that stand between us and our dreams. Nothing that is worthwhile comes easily and the desert symbolizes the struggle that can occur when our spiritual awakening takes root. 

Greater insight into our calling and destiny does not come without illuminating our entire soul, even the darkest corners.

Our Witch Motel will serve as the oasis. It will nurture the parts of you that need to bloom while helping you navigate through avenues of inner struggle and doubt, leading you towards a deeper understanding of your higher self, grounded in a community of that accepts you without ego or judgement .

There will  be ample time to process your journey through journaling, meditation, and movement within a protected and sacred environment.


to commit to the person who knows you best, yourself.