As women we have the blessing of being “natural nurturers”

Our deep capacity for love is part of what makes us so incredibly powerful; but sometimes, that love can make us stumble.

Instead of checking in with YOURSELF and what YOU need, the energy it takes to enact change is channeled towards the needs and wants of your partner, family member, friend, or co-worker.

Your left knowing that you are needed, but can’t shake feeling unfulfilled.

Trust me, more than once I’ve found myself without purpose or a strong sense of self, repeating the age old refrain;

"Who am I?" 

The Urbanite Coach channels your “natural nurturer"  back into its original source:


Working through The Four Triangles for urban living, I will arm you with the tools needed to achieve self-love, success, and balance through your unique intentions, hopes and desires.

Life balance and self-love, will help you gain the ability to love freely, from a place free of distraction and self compromise.



I want you to great each day with a “Hell yes!” instead of a groan.

I’m not going to suggest that you’ll never feel down and out or broken; but I want you to become more tapped into that inner sense of awesomeness that will guide you through those less than perfect mornings and less than peaceful nights.

Passion should feed into your life at home, your career, and those brightest, biggest and boldest of dreams; not covered up or held back by that heavy framed picture of MUST HAVES we have nailed to the walls of our sub-conscience.

We’ll be discovering exactly what lights your spark of passion, fan that flame until it burning through you and into everything you do. 

That’s what I call LIVING.



The struggle is real girls!

Whether your passion is white hot, or twisting in the wind, once we identify what gets your motor running, we’ll work together to control, harness and focus that passion onto a clear, and more importantly, achievable path.

Whatever it is you desire, you’ll need discipline, commitment, and FOCUS to make it happen.

I’ll hold you accountable, expect you to do the heavy lifting ( it’s your life after all!) while I spot you every step of the way.



Now we have come to the point when you are working towards the self realization that you are a magical and amazing woman, who deserves everything you could possibly hope for and more. To the universe, this a fact, yet you find yourself struggling to understand what makes you tick in a way grounded in loving YOURSELF first, and allowing the rest to follow.

They’ll be moments of excited fist pumps in the air, but sometimes you might find yourself scratching your head and thinking, 

“ This is too much. Too much self reflection, too much me!”


Accept the process.  I’ll be there to remind you that you are in the midst of THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK OF YOUR LIFE!

Becoming a better you, leads to better interaction/communication with every man, woman, child, puppy, and mountain lion you’ll come into contact with.  

Which ultimately means you’re helping to create a better world!

Did I lay it on too think? No, my friend, not by a long shot.

Patience is the gift that is the hardest to receive, but can produce the most beautiful and inspirational results.



You’ve walked the path to find your passion, focused your heart and mind, slogged through the mud and mire of your sub-conscience, and now comes the moment where it all comes together.

You might have a better understanding of your life partner, started a new business, or packed up and bought a one way ticket to Malaysia.

Whatever it is, you had the drive, confidence, passion, focus, and SELF LOVE - to make it happen.

You’re FREE, to go in whatever direction you want, to love yourself and those around you with the knowledge that it comes from a centered and grounded place. 

You’re loving for the sake of loving, not forgetting or ignoring.