“An intuitive Spirit Guide session with Aja is something that you won’t forget. She puts all of her energy and compassion into her sessions, and you can really hear the tone and individual personality of each guide she channels. Meeting my guide through Aja was absolutely magical and felt quite familiar, as if I had known her all along. During the session I felt cradled and deeply cared for, but also felt secure that Aja would give me direct, truthful communication channeled straight from my guides. If you are looking for a transformative experience that will aid in deep self- care and spiritual development, look no further.”

— M. Grisey (Artist)

“I think many of us sense, or even know, that there is something more than what we can see on this physical plane, and that we are something more than this human experience. By connecting you to the beyond, to the spirits and beings who are looking out for you, Aja reminds, and even confirms, that you are indeed more than your human self and that there is indeed a force and world beyond this experience you can see. Through channeling and offering messages from your guides, Aja helps you see that you are protected and cared for, that you have purpose, and that there is support in achieving that purpose.”

— T. Barrett (Screenwriter)

“I've come to appreciate her unique qualities as an exceptional being and coach. While many pretend to listen, she actually does. Our coaching sessions allowed me to access  places within myself that were, quite frankly, I never knew were even there. I'm grateful for her passion in helping others and trying to understand this complex human experience. I'm a better person because of Aja and better equipped to spread light and love in this troubled world.

— T. Lebowitz (Artist, Wife, Mother of twins) 

“I was a skeptic when it came to anything therapy related. I saw it as a sign of weakness to source help and held some fear over whether I would psycho-analysed to death. Aja’s coaching was different. Aja helped me to get to the point where I could change certain things that were not the best fit for my life- related to lifestyle, finances, and love. I soon found that I was able to make decisions that would more positively affect my path and in a shorter timeframe. For me it was about reaching the inevitable sooner. I needed to make decisions around how to manage the fear and pain until I had the strength to change them for the better. Now I can breathe again.”

— A. Delaney (Economist Marketing Executive)

“Thank you for being of service, you truly are a gifted leader: a pillar of light in our community. For being You, even in this world to whom which most choose to live in illusion. I will remember this time as a reflection of a future so bright and abundant, filled with opportunities/portals to greatness. And that future is NOW. One session in your beautiful space, with you and our spirit guides, has served as a catalyst for the next big leap in my life. In an ever expanding reality of living in an existence of creativity, compassion and love. I will definitely give due credit to you when people ask what inspired and gave me the courage; to focus on my craft to move to Joshua tree to allow myself to be the successful writer and healer that I already am, to connect with the love of my life on a piece of ancient earth blessed by the All Mighty Source in which we are born. Thank you from all of my heart Dear One. Eternal Light,”

— Paulette, Artist/Healer

"Working with Aja has been a life changing experience. I've worked with a few different life coaches and none of them were able to provide the insight, expertise and high level of coaching that Aja provides. She is genuine, thoughtful and truly gives the time and attention needed to help clients find happiness & achieve goals. I've grown so much throughout the process and I look forward to continuing my journey working with Aja."

— R. Crawford (Founder of Envision Today)