The Second Sight: Jan 31st

The Second Sight: Jan 31st


Clairsentient, from French clair meaning ”clear” and sentient meaning “feeling”, is the ability to feel the emotions or energy of others, objects and spaces.


In this second installment of Mary’s Clair workshops, she will guide you through a brief meditation and soundbath by Aja which will bring us into a relaxed state.Mary will explain her unique process of how she connects with her clairsentience, will guide you through an exercise in connecting with your own ability and will close the workshop with brief readings for all participants. Everyone has the capacity to develop intuitive, psychic abilities. Like any ability, clairsentience is a process that involves trust and courage, and is a practice that develops through experience and time.


Tapping into your second sight is a true, deep connection to your higher self and will bring you into an unobstructed place of truth. Please join us in this immersive workshop where you can access your own unique clairsentience.


*Please bring a small object of emotional significance (for example, a piece of jewelry from your grandmother, a photograph, etc.), a notepad and something to write with.

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