The Coven Circle with Hathor House: Jan 16th

The Coven Circle with Hathor House: Jan 16th


The color white is a blank canvas, just waiting to be written on. Although white does not stimulate the senses significantly, it paves the way for the creation of something that the mind can imagine. White contains a balance of all colors in the spectrum that represents both the positive and negative aspects of all colors.

The color white is reflective and stimulates openness, growth and creativity. You cannot hide behind it as it amplifies everything in its path. The color white is purity in the ultimate sense.  The color white offers an inner cleansing and purification of your thoughts, feelings and ultimately, your spirit.

Join your sisters in setting intentions for the new year together. By joining together we can help channel energy into each of our dreams and desires for the new year. Supporting ourselves, by supporting each other.

We will then create a feather fetish that will hold the collective power of the coven and our collective dreams for 2018!


* Come dressed in white, bring a pen/journal, a pillow and bring a feather , an herb or oil and a container to take home salt in from our Salt Ceremony


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