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Small Spells Tattoo Spells: Jan 28th

Small Spells Tattoo Spells: Jan 28th


Rachel Howe is coming to bring some NEW YEAR permanent magic into the lives of 5 very special goddesses.✨👁🌹
A spell is anything that uses our own energy to transform intention into form. Today we’ll be using hand-poked tattoos as the vehicle for this transformation.
When we name our desires, make them concrete, give them form, we bring them into being. We move energy to make space to house the manifestation of our desire. We decide if we really want it, get clear on it, when we name it and give it form.
Come with an intention that you are working on, something that you are ready to make a place in the world for. You’ll sit in a sound bath to crystallize your intention and prepare your energy for clear focus. Then together we’ll decide on a drawing for your intention and it will be hand-poked on your body. Activating the spell, and letting your intention manifest into reality.

*You MUST email aja@thespiritguidecoach to reserve your time slot AFTER reserving your spot.

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