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Moon Lodge: January 17th

Moon Lodge: January 17th


All women are sisters, linked to the moon and each other regardless of race, religion, economic status, sexual orientation or age. We are woven together by our biology and we share many commonalities and struggles as women. In this circle, we celebrate being a woman, talk, share, listen and hold space for one another - creating a place of peace, healing, feminine power and freedom. Our gatherings happen during the new moon, a time to honor ourselves as women, a time to rest, nurture and reconnect with the cycles of nature and the moon. Each gathering is a different experience co-created by all women in attendance. Guided meditations, dream weaving, arts & crafts, music, rituals, magic making... Come with an open heart, tell your story and re-awaken the Goddess within!

Join us for the first Moon Lodge of 2018 to share in the medicine of Sisterhood! This will be a very intimate and sweet gathering with focus on rejuvenation, relaxation, connection and surrendering into the Heart. We will be sitting in Council to share our stories and our truth and drinking Sacred Cacao to invite healing and sweetness into our lives. 

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