Empath Club: January 13th

Empath Club: January 13th


When you experience empathy, your heart goes out to another who is in the midst of pain or elation. Empaths actually FEEL others' emotions or pain within their own bodies without the defenses that most of us have. This can be draining, with come empaths steering clear of crowds or work where they have to be surrounded by people on a daily basis. It can limit the life you have, when being an empath is in fact an enormous gift.
AJA will give you tools for protecting yourself from sensory overload while replenishing your own energy and open up to circle to invite experiences from your own lives in order to create a community of support and understanding. 


* Please make sure you ARE indeed an EMPATH before signing up.
If this will be your first time attending, please make sure to email aja@thespiritguidecoach.com to receive some reading material before holding space with us.

* Wear comfortable clothing, bring a journal/pen, and any objects you would like to charge on our communal altar.

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