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If you would like to hold a workshop at Spirit House, please fill out the form here and tell us about yourself! Feel free to include your website, Instagram, as well as any other social media or links that would be helpful to get to know your work!


Spirit House Collective is moving to a seasonal submission model! 

We are now accepting submissions for workshops that will take place in May, June, July and August of 2019. Submissions for this season will be accepted through March 31st, 2019. Please note that submissions will not be processed until after the submission deadline has passed.

Submissions for September, October, November and December of 2019 will be accepted June 1st through June 30th.

Spirit House is also open to remote (online) workshops and is a female-identifying space.

Please see below for monthly themes to consider when tailoring your workshop submission.

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May brings enchantment with its seasonal changes, ushering movement of the metaphysical kind. Movement in areas of expansion and spiritual growth a time when we feel like we can levitate. And please do try, it’s the magic concept of May, you don’t know if you’re going to succeed at anything until you give it a go. Through the breeze and tides, May carries with it a second chance if you like. Didn’t do so well trying to woo your sweetheart back on side, missed some lucrative business opportunities. The month of May has the energy to help us reach our goals and hearts desires again. Utilise May’s energies by going the extra mile with your projects, watching them succeed will be the rewards. The birthstone for the month of May is the precious gemstone Emerald a beautiful dark green stone. Carrying the vibrations of the earth and her nourishing presence. The Emerald is sometimes known as the “Stone of Successful Love”. Emerald is particularly useful for enhancing manifestation spells on the new moon. Carrying positive luck and hope, the emerald makes a powerful talisman. Maia is Italic for May meaning “the great one” Maia is the righteous positive goddess of spring. The 15th of May is assigned to the goddess in celebration.


The month of June brings laughter, joy and excitement. A time where the energy integrates toward unity and compassion, a time of fertility. Approaching all of us in the month of June is subtle light energy from other planets reflected off the moon. This alone brings abundance and fruitful occasions as our emotions feel the planetary influences. Take time to reflect this month as June also signifies the end of the first half of the year. Did we achieve all we wanted to? Spiritually did we allow time to centre and relax through the pressures, or did react in a negative stressful way? It’s our choice to be stressed we do do it to ourselves. June recalls and conjures the teacher within, the wolf who lays dormant. A time where all of us have a lesson in front of them either spiritually at work or school or just proving yourself amongst family. Reach this month for what was too high for you before. Placing yourself in the driver’s seat of your future. You have control, maybe your just not aware of it yet. Traditionally the birthstone for the month of June is the moonstone. People did believe at one stage that Moonstone was actually from the moon. Believing that the stone was always trying to return to the moon. Hence the myth of moonstone being able to align the vertebrae in the spine. Moonstone will align the subtle or spirit body back into the physical with ease, relieving headaches and dizziness as a result.


Adventure, motion, radical change, unpredictability, travel, mind, body, spirit, active, freedom, wildness, journey, vitality, healing invention, choice, courage, flair, actor, boldness, spiritual growth. Animal Spirit associated with the month of July is the Dragonfly. The birthstone for July is Turquoise and ruby. An auspicious time for rekindling relationships. The month of July augers a time when we can see through our destructive behaviours and change that which is not working for us. If there are situations and circumstances that require your communication and attention this is the month to achieve those goals. July shows signs of activity, expansion and hard work. If we are to succeed in July, finding a way in which we can be the centre of attention will be paramount. Change and transformation of all kinds are asked of us in July. The double 7 energy shifts in the month of July meaning brings about a strong vibration with which to work with on a spiritual growth level. 


Spirit Animal Guide: Serpent / Snake. Snake will guide us through August, asking us to release what is no longer needed in our lives and to empower the parts of us that we may have become a little frightened of. August is a power month of the year, it augers in the energy of completion, loose ends tied, the past healing and the future are now a little clearer for us all. This energy asks us to venture outside of our comfort zone, to have the experiences which we have previously denied ourselves of. In doing this we open ourselves to enlightenment. In the last quarter of the August month, there is a slight shift of energies reminding us to recognise our shadow self, the darker side of our nature. Bringing light to those darkened corners deep inside of us, which previously only brought us grief, negativity and weakness. This energy will help in the transition if you’re brave and willing to release the negative and embrace the positive. It is within the darkest areas of ourselves where our spiritual learning takes place. It will take some courage on your part this month but the rewards are great.

*monthly symbolism from thriveonnews.com