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Your Major Arcana Archetypes with Casey Zabala of Wanderer's Tarot: Dec 15th

Your Major Arcana Archetypes with Casey Zabala of Wanderer's Tarot: Dec 15th


During this 2 hour workshop we will gain a deeper understanding of our true nature through our personal Tarot Archetypes calculated through birth date numerology. The Book of Tarot is a mirror through which we are better able to experience our soul. Learn your unique Soul archetype, Personality archetype, and your personal Lesson archetype. Additionally, discover how to plan your months, and year ahead using this potent tarot magick. This class will be part digging into magical archetypes, and part magickal planning and no-how. We will end the class with a meditation into our Soul cards, to discover the messages they hold for us.

Please bring a tarot deck you love, and a journal for recording your findings. Casey Zabala is an artist, tarot reader, and wandering mystic. Her self published tarot deck, Wanderer's Tarot, is a feminist divination deck for modern witches. The journey began when Casey was given her first tarot deck at age 12, unfolding a magical pathway to her soul’s work. With 15 years of tarot experience, Casey has a studied and intuitive approach to her readings, while she incorporates elements of natural magic and manifestation techniques to her offerings. She believes the tarot is a tool for personal empowerment and healing, and hopes to empower others to use the tarot as a vehicle for self-discovery. Passionate about mystical and magical arts, Casey aims to do her part to heal the collective through individual tarot readings and artistic expression.


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