You Are A Healer with Maxine Dillon

You Are A Healer with Maxine Dillon


March 2nd, 6pm-9pm · $75

Are you a highly sensitive intuitive person who has been taught to question and doubt your true nature? Have you been noticing incredible synchronicities in your life that are leading you down a path to healing? Would you like to learn how to fully develop your intuition and healing abilities so you can apply them to your true purpose?

Please join us for "YOU ARE A HEALER", a workshop for women who want to heed the call of their awakening process and pursue healing work. This workshop will teach you the basics of Transpersonal Energy Healing. You will learn the keys to transformation through hands-on energy healing techniques and experiential exercises in a safe environment with like minds. This 3-hour class will give you an understanding of true holistic health and healing. The time we spend together will show you the positive change that can occur in your life and the lives of others when you choose a career in Transpersonal Energy Healing. And if this path speaks to you we'll discuss how you can continue your education and start your own practice with certification at The Healer's Forum.

Some of what we'll cover is:
• Chakra activation
• How to ground your energy
• How people use their energy
• Perceiving energy in yourself and others
• Hands-on healing techniques and more...

*Spirit House Collective is a female only space

Maxine Dillon is a healer and founder of Blue Star Guidance, a healing refuge for creative professionals. During her 16 years in the fashion industry she traversed a landscape of constant stress, and competition while often compromising her inner creative longings. She went through a four year process of personal healing and certification in Transpersonal Spiritual Counseling and Energy Healing Therapy at The Lionheart Institute. She empathizes with the struggles that creative professionals experience and she is dedicated to supporting them in building the lifestyles that best reflect their unique creative gifts.

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