Venus Sound Healing + Loving Kindness Meditation: Opening to Love

Venus Sound Healing + Loving Kindness Meditation: Opening to Love


February 16th,  7pm-9pm · $30

In honor the month of amore, we are dedicating this sound experience to tuning in with the vibration of love, and healing obstacles that prevent us from fully experiencing the abundant energy of love. Honoring the Goddess Venus, we will open with a ritual to invite more love into our lives, and to send love out to others.  We will also set some intentions for releasing blockages to love. Everyone will then be guided through an extensive sound journey and channeled singing, specifically focusing on heart and womb healing.

Listening to everyone’s intentions. Sonia will channel specific prayers and mantras to work with every person in the group individually. We will close with a loving-kindness meditation, resting wholly and openly in the pure vibration of love.

Wear comfortable clothing, bring yoga mats or blankets if you wish, and any special crystal or stone you wish to charge on the altar.

Sonia Kreitzer is an internationally performing singer/songwriter and releases music as “Doe Paoro” on ANTI- Records.  When not on the road, she also teaches yoga and is a sound healer, working with her voice, crystal healing bowls and drums to provide healing to the body on the vibrational level. She has studied music in India in the Tibetan lineage  and also in Peru, learning Amazonian medicine songs. She believes wholeheartedly in the healing power of music.

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