Universal Mother Healer's Healing

Universal Mother Healer's Healing


January 16th 6:30pm - 8:30pm · $35

Who heals the healers? Whether you are an energy healer, a caretaker for a family member, a nurse or doctor, that friend that everyone goes to for help, a mother, a mutha, or find yourself in moments where you have to hold space for other people, this group healing is for YOU! The holidays are over, we’ve put a bit of pressure on ourselves for the new year, and for I’ve noticed January is a strange time of year that can feel like we are stuck in limbo... our primitive bodies want to hibernate, but there’s a universal energy of starting over and getting going with our resolutions, a depleted anxiety trying to fuel manifestations. If you are a healer or find yourself being of service in a healing way, this time can leave you gasping for air, trying to catch up and refill.

Let me help you recharge so that you can better access your own healing abilities, and blossom with spring. This group healing will include an intention circle, release ritual, grounding exercise, guided meditation, guided reiki healing, and group reading. I am a big believer that we have everything we need to handle what the universe is throwing at us... just sometimes, we need help getting unstuck. 

Domonique Echeverria is a disabled queer, latinx intuitive reiki healer, medicine woman, muse, and founder of Universal Mother. Her intentions as a healer are to help ease the suffering from those who are in pain, remind others of their own strength, and reconnect people to the universal powers that live within all of us.

*Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a notebook and pen.
*Spirit House Collective is a female only space.

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