Thunder: Perfect Mind - The Psychic Healing of Paradox & Duality - Remote Workshop

Thunder: Perfect Mind - The Psychic Healing of Paradox & Duality - Remote Workshop


Thunder: Perfect Mind - The Psychic Healing of Paradox & Duality
September 11th 6:30pm-8:30pm PST (9:30pm-11:30pm EST) · $40

Thunder: Perfect Mind is one of the most enigmatic spiritual texts ever discovered. This "revelation discourse by a female figure," though hidden for centuries alongside gnostic scrolls, is not gnostic, and is unclassifiable.
From the moment we leave the realm of Spirit and enter this physical expression, we are immersed in duality. It is not only all around us, it is our way in the world. And although it is a way to be in the world, it is not who we are.
The in-your-face tactic that the unknown author uses in Thunder: Perfect Mind is repeated antithesis. Over and over and over owning the opposites of her universal experience as a divine human: Duality. Yes/No. Dark/Light. Creator/Destroyer. Empty/Full. Clarity/Confusion. Should I stay or should I go now?? (Shout out to The Clash.)

In this workshop you will practice basic meditative energetic tools to:
• Psychically explore an ancient and mysterious text
• Practice seeing and working with color, energy, a past life, and a troublesome dichotomy currently at work in your life
• Through grounding and energy running techniques, better own your space and increase clarity in your field
• Imagine the author's life as a master, and explore spiritual initiation past & present
• Replace what you release with new creativity, light, and love
• The destination is expanded creativity and empowerment: spiritual freedom, the intention and purpose of Thunder: Perfect Mind.

Through her energy healings and psychic readings, Lisa Pelletier helps clients refresh their sacred connection to Spirit. Sharing this spiritual transformation for the last 15 years has been a life passion: she is a certified Intuitive Healer and Teacher. Her grounded clairvoyance brings light into any darkness, transmitting that in the deepest part of us all is well, we reside in the heart of The All. She has taught beginner and intuitive drawing, and offers aura portraits. Her creativity & career mock-up sessions reboot the energy behind unconscious patterns, and lay the groundwork for new endeavors and abundance. Spiritual healings validate one's path by removing limits and unwanted energies, as well as offering next steps. In psychic readings, Lisa shines a light into a client's psychic depth, which allows them to open up powerful spaces in their being.

*Dress comfortably, be able to sit with lots of back support, in a private spot with no interruption (moms with kids often use their cars!), feet flat on the floor (yoga blocks AOK), your eyes will be closed for most of the workshop. If possible, best to not eat a heavy meal right beforehand.

**This is a remote online workshop - please have a notebook, pen, and headphones ready

*Spirit House is a female-identifying, non-binary, trans space only.

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