October 6th 11am-5pm · $111

The Oracle is a Spirit House Day retreat, open to all who wish to step through the veil, connect with their spiritual team to receive guidance and answers to life's questions. Nestled in the heart of the Eagle Rock hills, Spirit House will provide you with a container to listen and contemplate the direction of your path. With a rotating roster of phenomenal women who are connected not just to magic on the other side, but to their own healing journey and the steps and stumbles we experience along the way.

Join us for a day of meditation, contemplation, coffee readings and messages from the Spirits who are guiding your awakening. 

Ani has been a clairvoyant from a very young age. Growing up in the Armenian culture has allowed her to master her innate gifts in reading coffee grinds for family members and friends since she could remember sharing her healing gifts with the world fulfills her purpose and brings Ani infinite joy. She is part of the artist collective at Align Gallery in Highland Park, where she conducts readings for special events. Born in LA, growing up in the Bay Area, and living abroad in Armenia, she has made her way full circle and settling back at the place of her beginning.

AJA is a Spirit Guide Medium, Akashic Records Reader and founder of Spirit House Collective- a female identifying community, dedicated to spreading knowledge, love and healing from our hearts straight to yours. The advice from our Spirit Guides is incorporated into AJA’s intuitive coaching process in order to help you form a plan to break negative patterns, find your path, and accept the love and support that your guides surround you with every single day. As the bridge between you and your guides, AJA considers this to be sacred work and is honored to help those who wish to deepen their connection to their higher self and learn to love themselves on a deeper level. Spirit Guide Life Coaching is an incredibly intimate and rewarding process that allows you to hear the advice and support that your guides have for you. AJA is a true believer in the innate power every woman has to achieve success through self love.

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