The Holographic Nature of the Psyche with Dr. Sam Rader

The Holographic Nature of the Psyche with Dr. Sam Rader


February 18th, 3pm-5pm $30

In this workshop you will gain a new understanding of how your early experience created your psyche, and how your psyche now creates your reality. This workshop can empower you to know your own mind more intimately, so that you can create more intentional relationships with yourself, others and the world at large.

When we are young, our early experiences shape the way we see ourselves and the world, and the way we relate with others. This collection of experiences becomes an equation that is the ‘source code’ for our matrix, an algorithm that shapes all our subsequent life experiences. In this way, our lives are a holographic projection of our unconscious.  

Holograms are photographs taken by three intersecting lasers. What is amazing about holograms is not only that they appear in rainbow-hued 3-D, but that all of the information is contained in every little part of the film.  If you take a holographic image of a rose and cut the film in half, each half shows the whole image of the rose. Cut it again, the whole rose is on every piece. You can cut the film infinitesimally small and the rose remains. The whole is contained in every part. We store information in our brains holographically, and some say the entire universe is a hologram—a projection in space-time of a single bit of information.

We will explore together how your life is a hologram of your unconscious.  The whole is in every little part. Your individual ‘source code’ shows up again and again in your relationships, your art, your career, your dreams, etc. In these two hours together, you will be introduced to a handful of the key themes in your unconscious and how they play out in your life now. You will also be encouraged to consider re-writing the algorithm, if you wish.

Dr. Sam Rader is a licensed psychologist with more than a decade of clinical experience.  She is the Founder and Clinical Director at Sanctuary for Women, a compassionate holistic therapy clinic for women by women in Highland Park, Los Angeles.  Sam takes an outside the box approach to therapy, helping her clients know themselves more intimately, and empowering them to create their lives more intentionally.

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