The Coven Circle & Hathor House · Private Event

The Coven Circle & Hathor House · Private Event


February 13th 7pm-9pm $10

We are so excited to be hosting this month’s Coven Circle at WitchHouse in Pasadena! This month Stevie Leigh will be leading us in a workshop on “13 Herbs Every Witch Should Have in Her Garden”.  We will be going over 13 essential herbs for protection, spellwork, and herbal remedies.  To close out our circle we will be led in a plant spirit meditation to further connect with the spirit of an herb that you bring with you.  This plant ally that you bring will be imbued with all of our collective energy and specially connected to you once we part for the night.

Please bring one of the following plants- (this can be as small as a little seedling): Rosemary, Poppy, Clary Sage, Yarrow, Rue, Hyssop, Vervain, Mugwort, Wormwood, Thornapple, Henbane, Belladonna, or Mandrake. If you are unable to bring one with you please have one in your mind’s eye that you will be working with.

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