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The Astrology of Friendship

The Astrology of Friendship

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The Astrology of Friendship

August 5th 11am-1pm $30

Miranda Feneberger is a writer, astrology consultant, and angsty millennial. Through a unique blend of humor and authenticity, Miranda makes the practice of astrology accessible to everyone - not just devoted students. In this workshop, we will be celebrating the astrology of friendship! Many of us keep up with our friends online and on our phones but forget to nurture those relationships IRL. This workshop is the perfect excuse for you to have some face-to-face time with your BFF.

Bring a pal or two and participate in an awesome guided friendship chart reading. Whether you just met or have known each other for years, this workshop is for you! We will look at planetary placements and signs, discuss elements and qualities, and scrap stereotypes about the signs. This workshop will be about storytelling, empathy, and fun! You will leave with a deeper understanding of your friends and yourself. And of course, no friendship event would be complete without a friendship bracelet-making session (supplies included in the workshop fee).

Bring a friend & a screenshot or copy of your birth chart! Charts can be calculated using free resources online. You’ll need to know your Sun, Moon, Ascendant (if you don’t know your birth time, don’t worry about Ascendant!), Mercury, Venus, and Mars placements!

Miranda Feneberger is a writer, astrology consultant, and angsty millennial. Her work has been published all over the web and she spends her free time analyzing celebrity birth charts and making memes. Astrology is a concept that can be both hard to grasp and plagued by stereotypes. Geminis are not necessarily two-faced! Scorpios don’t want to ruin your life (all the time)! Through her practice, Miranda hopes to help others find and harness their power and realize that we are all cut from the same cloth. None of us are really so different.