Tarot As Resistance, Freedom As Existence

Tarot As Resistance, Freedom As Existence

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Tarot As Resistance, Freedom As Existence  
May 8th 6:30pm-8:30pm · $50 per person,  
$250 for admission + in-person signed tarot deck and print.

What if the freedom you seek already exists? Is it a feeling, state of being, or a reality in an alternate space? What is freedom?

These are the questions we'll be exploring through an intimate conversation and workshop about art, spirituality, and radical self-acceptance as a means of liberation with Courtney Alexander, creator of Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot—the first FUBU deck (for black folks, by a black person). She shares her journey as an artist, spiritualist, and person navigating the world as a fat black queer femme.

"It’s important that the art and dialogues I create lead to more questions. Answers are intended to be finite, which hinders the flow of expansion. However, questions are the guides to the many worlds we seek to explore."

Courtney Alexander is a multimedia artist, writer, and publisher with a Bachelor’s in Studio Art from the University of South Florida, living and working in Tampa, FL. Alexander’s work began with decontextualizing issues of duality, hypersexuality, and self-awareness through exploration of fatness; a personal dialogue which served to facilitate vulnerability and explore the complex nature of her existence. In 2016, Alexander made history as the first black person to successfully publish and distribute a tarot deck, the widely acclaimed Dust II Onyx—crowdfunding over via Kickstarter. Through a series of 78 mixed media paintings, she collects the shards of her identity as a black/fat/queer woman and pieces them into a mosaic of works that present blackness as universal-spirit. “I reimagine a timeless ancient world intrinsically intertwined in this modern realm, birthed from a place of nothingness that is also simultaneously everything. A non-binary world where I see myself, reflections of blackness, and darkness, as powerful and eternal.” She is dedicated to the reclamation of public and art spaces for black folks and other marginalized viewers through creating participatory displays of transformation and liberation.

For Courtney’s questionnaire on freedom: http://courtneyalexander.studio/confirmation

*Please come with a willing heart, open mind, and journal for note-taking.

*Spirit House is a female-identifying/non-binary/trans space only.

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