Herb Circle For Cultivating & Owning Your Personal Power

Herb Circle For Cultivating & Owning Your Personal Power


August 21st 6:30-8:30

Personal power is a way to start shifting the dominant paradigm. When we are in our power we can discern what energies we want and don't want, how much space we take up and how we occupy that space, how we treat ourselves and each other. When we are in our power we are in strong relation to not only ourselves but the earth, the stars, animals, humans, wind, water -- we are connected. 

These strong summer winds and long nights give us space, time, and energy to bring us into connection. Through meditation, discussion, and of course, herbs. We will discuss the impact of trauma, our survival skills, and ways to lay down old patterns so that we can make more room for ourselves (which is love and vibration.) Join clinical & energetic herbalist, Rachel Burgos of Snakeroot Apothecary as we share an intimate space of plant energies, healing & empowerment. Rachel will focus on plant spirits for building personal power including herbs and essences that help us to cultivate healthy boundaries, psychic protection, help us to break out of old patterns, find our voice, and fully embody ourselves. 

*Please bring a blanket and/or pillow, something comfortable for sitting and meditating.  notebooks & pens

Rachel Burgos is an herbalist who has just moved to LA from Joshua Tree! She dedicates her clinical work to provide preventative health care and education using plant, stone, animal & earth medicines in a holistic way. This encompasses but not limited to focusing on the patterns of imbalance we create through various traumas, ancestral patterning for both chronic and acute, emotional, physical or spiritual imbalances. Her work is centered in social justice, activism, and healing for not only humans but the greater ecology.

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