Finding What has Always Been: Spirit Guide Workshop

Finding What has Always Been: Spirit Guide Workshop


June 26th, 6:30pm- 8:30pm · $45

Have you ever wondered how the answer to a question you've been agonizing over for weeks will suddenly, just pop into your head? Do you ever get a feeling when meeting someone for the very first time? You know, a feeling that the person can't be trusted?

These feelings and epiphanies, stem from your intuition and the nudgings of your spirit guides' who are always with you. They have been surrounding you with love and support, since the day you were born and we each have the ability to connect with them, ask for their guidance, and make better decisions that directly affect our life path.

You will get the tools needed to connect with your intuition and strengthen your psychic abilities, so that you can open the door to your spirit guides and say hello!

The workshop will include Aja offering messages from your spirit guides, tehir connection to you from a previous lifetime, and steps on how you can move forward in life.  Come, open your third eye, and discover what has always been there - your guides!

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