Spirit of the Vine

Spirit of the Vine


September 7th 6:30pm-8:30pm · $10

Mamalier is a Sommelier and self taught herbalist who facilitates events celebrating wine culture, infused with art and health consciousness. The cultivation of wine is an ancient tradition. By enjoying and understanding wine we get a glimpse into the past. Wine culture is an artistic expression, showing a sentiment of a time, a place, a person to inspire, open and bring community together. Our health is directly related to the experiences we choose to let in. By communing with open hearts and using rituals with intention, we benefit long term sustainable and strong immunity.

One of Mamalier’s key focuses is raising awareness of the benefits of biodynamics; a way of living in tune with the lunar calendar and therefore nature itself. By understanding the connections between wine, culture, sustainable farming, conscious imbibing, and herbal healing, Mamalier offers a high vibrational experience providing background knowledge of the origins and cultivation of each unique wine and other libations served. Join her for an ancient modern community healing event.

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