SACRED SMOKE • Prayers for the Cosmos

SACRED SMOKE • Prayers for the Cosmos


August 18th 11am-1pm · $20

The intimacy of the smoke. An invitation in a whisper. The art of possibilities – where you are alone with not simply yourself, but the possibility of your better self because you are listening. Join Ellen of UnitedOther as she shares the ancient story of incense - the journey of deeper exploration, spiritual intentions, and the ritual ceremonies connected to Divinity in the magickal alchemy of the Sacred Smoke. In this intimate and interactive talk, she will also create sacred smoke using different natural and sacred elements from around the world. We will end with a collective, sharing discussion of personal rituals with the intentions to inspire new ways to connect, heal and grow.

*Please wear comfy clothes. Also note that sacred smoke will be created so if you have respiratory issues this might not be the best environment.

“When UnitedOther launched in November of 2017, with deepest intention is to serve a higher creative and spiritual purpose. My hope for UnitedOther is to help create a sacred space for personal rituals in our modern world. Sacred rituals that inspire and allow us the space to grow into a deeper connectivity with our true selves, to one another, and the Universe at large. It’s about transforming the ordinary. A new way of seeing and being. It says to dream and trust. The more that we start to do so – collectively – we can create a bigger context, a larger permission and a greater love.”

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