Sacred Healing - An Introduction to Transpersonal Energy Healing

Sacred Healing - An Introduction to Transpersonal Energy Healing


Sacred Healing - An Introduction to Transpersonal Energy Healing
September 21st 11am-2pm · $55

Are you a highly sensitive intuitive person who has been taught to question and doubt your true nature? Have you been noticing incredible synchronicities in your life that are leading you down a path to healing? Would you like to learn how to develop your intuition and healing abilities so you can apply them to your true purpose? Please join us for Sacred Healing - An Introduction to Transpersonal Energy Healing. A workshop for people who want to learn energy healing techniques so they can explore and experience a new realm of healing and health.

This workshop will teach you the foundational basics of Transpersonal Energy Healing, a method that supports and relaxes the chakra and nervous system allowing for healing to occur. You will learn introductory energy healing skills and experiential exercises in a safe environment with like minds. Some activities that we will focus on are Chakra Activation, Energy Grounding, Energetic Boundaries, Connecting with and Releasing Trapped Emotions in Your Body, Mind & Body connection, etc. This class will give you a deeper understanding of emotional wellbeing and create an opening for positive transformation

Maxine Dillon founded Blue Star Guidance as a healing refuge for creative professionals. During her 16 years in the fashion industry she traversed a landscape of constant stress and competition while often compromising her inner creative longings. Many parts of her life began to suffer and she became burnt out. She did not have the balance she needed to thrive and after struggling to create changes in her lifestyle, Maxine realized that she could not do it alone. Through a four year process of personal healing and certification in Transpersonal Spiritual Counseling and Energy Healing Therapy at The Lionheart Institute, Maxine learned that the stress and anxiety she was feeling was her intuition. Her current reality was not serving her soul's purpose. She now has a deeper connection with her essence and what simply brings her happiness. Maxine empathize with the struggles that creative professionals experience and is dedicated to supporting them in building lifestyles that best reflect their unique creative gifts.

When Isabelle Barrymore was nineteen she returned to Venice Beach California after studying in Argentina where she had met her mentor who taught Isabelle the connection between the mind and the body. This knowledge and support changed her life. Isabelle was then able to move to Spain where she studied Slavic Philology, the Czech Republic to study social psychology and theater analysis, Russia to study literature and Bosnia Herzegovina to study film. Throughout her nine years in Europe she gathered tools such as yoga, meditation, and listening to the body. Speaking with the grandmothers of her friends to learn their wisdom about different medicinal teas; dancing with the dervishes and in the caves of Granada; silent meditation with Thai Buddhist Monks in the outskirts of St. Petersburg; and sipping Turkish coffee in Bosnia Herzegovina taught her to slow down: learning these rituals and ancient traditions throughout her travels brought Isabelle back to her roots, her family and love. Isabelle needed to clear the trauma from her body and finally, having the support to do so, she was able to fully live in her physical body. Her wish is for everyone to enjoy this life experience. She believes that it needs to be done with acceptance, support and community. Isabelle feels that as we clear our blocks and limiting beliefs we are able to tune into what we really want: purpose, pleasure, fun, love and to feel worthy of it all in the process.

*Please wear comfortable clothing. Some of the exercises will involve movement, sitting, standing, and lying down. Bring a journal and pen to jot down epiphanies.

*Spirit House is a female-identifying, non-binary, trans space only.

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