REIKI 1 Certification Class

REIKI 1 Certification Class


REIKI 1 Certification Class with Tanya Love

July 28th, 11am-5pm · $175

RSVP with an intention and commitment to being present for the Attunement. $75 deposit now holds your spot. The remaining balance of $100 is due on the day of class

Reiki is one of the simplest and easiest holistic healing methods available to us. It is administered by laying on hands and channeling “Universal Life Force Energy.” Anyone can learn to use Reiki, whatever their age, gender, religion or origin. No specific knowledge or experience is required before beginning your Reiki training. If you feel the call to become a healer, Usui Reiki Level 1 is a great initiation into a loving path of guidance and service. Learning Reiki involves an energy activation process called an “Attunement” which is performed by the Reiki Master with each student. The Attunement opens innate healing channels, enabling students to immediately tap into the flow of Reiki energy. All students begin with the Level I Reikitraining and then progress at their own pace through the other levels, if desired. The emphasis on this level is on self-healing but you will also be taught how to carry out a treatment on family members and friends. In addition to learning the Reiki method of healing, students also experience an acceleration in their spiritual awareness and intuitive abilities as a direct result of the Reiki initiation. After learning Reiki, students report having increased energy, self-awareness, personal charisma, peace, and compassion. 

Usui Reiki Level I Training Includes: 

• Reiki Level I Attunement and Certification 

• Reiki Level I Manual 

• What is Reiki and how the Reiki energy works 

• The history of Reiki 

• How to channel Reiki energy for self-healing and the healing of others 

• Hand positions for self-healing and healing others 

• How the chakras function with regard to healing work and everyday life 

• Techniques for tapping into and expanding intuitive, extra-sensory perceptions for use during healing sessions

• Meet and Connect with your Reiki Guides 

• Hands-on practice both giving and receiving Reiki 

• Receive a 21-day Mind/Body/Soul Cleanse 

*Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a water bottle, a notebook, and pen to take notes. If you feel guided to bring any crystals or other sacred objects to charge during the Attunement and add to our altar, please bring those as well. In preparation for your Attunement, please refrain from consuming alcohol and recreational substances for at least 24 hours prior. I feel honored to help you awaken the healer within and look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Reiki tribe! 

Ever since Tanya can remember, Tanya has experienced visions, visitations, prophetic dreams and a strong clear connection to her angels, guides and spirit team. Her interest in the esoteric realm, folk magic and alternative healing practices span all of her life. Her passion for helping others and a strong desire to change the world around her, led her on a path of self-discovery and exploration of different healing modalities including Reiki, Shamanic Practices, Plant Medicine, Curanderismo, and Tarot. Through her healing practice, readings, classes and projects she seeks to help you connect with the inner power, wisdom and magic that lies within all of us!

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