Process Group Therapy for Deep Relational Healing with Dr. Sam Rader PhD

Process Group Therapy for Deep Relational Healing with Dr. Sam Rader PhD


Feb 9th 12:30pm - 4:30pm · $111

In a process group, we focus on being relational in the moment, rather than supporting one another about things going on outside of the room.  We will sit in a circle and be encouraged to share our immediate here-and-now reactions toward one another in real time.  Through increasingly authentic relating, we get a better sense of ourselves, how we impact others, and how others impact us.  We all bring our familiar relational patterns—some powerful, some painful—which were most likely shaped by our early experience.  Through group support and mirroring, emotional risk taking, working through conflicts, and deepening intimacy, we learn how to better see and hold ourselves and each other.  When the group strikes that perfect balance of truth and love, real growth can happen—growth you can take with you into your world. 

 This event will be held at Dr. Sam's new workshop space called The Nook, inside of her group psychotherapy practice--Sanctuary for Women in Highland Park.  The Nook is a beautiful sun-drenched room of sheepskins, crystals and plants.  It was created as a safe container for expansion, presence, togetherness, peace, joy and healing.    

Dr. Sam Rader is a licensed psychologist with fifteen years of clinical experience.  She is the Founder and Clinical Director at Sanctuary for Women (, a compassionate holistic therapy clinic for women by women in Highland Park, Los Angeles.  Sam takes an outside the box approach to therapy, helping her clients know themselves more intimately, and empowering them to create their lives more intentionally.

*Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle, a notebook and pen.
*Spirit House Collective is a female only space.

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