Coven Circle - How To Become The Most Powerful Witch Of All Time (Private Event)

Coven Circle - How To Become The Most Powerful Witch Of All Time (Private Event)


Coven Circle - How To Become The Most Powerful Witch Of All Time (Private Event)
July 16th 6:30pm-8:30pm

What is your relationship with power? What roles and patterns do you find yourself repeating in the power dynamics of your interpersonal relationships? How would your life and relationships be different if you become the most powerful version of yourself without any shame, apology, or hesitation?

In this workshop, interdisciplinary artist Yumi Sakugawa will be leading participants through a series of guided meditations, writing exercises, embodied movement, group discussions, and powerful visualizations to excavate our individual and collective conflicting desires, fears, and emotions around power, the family history that shaped our attitudes around power, and how we can redefine and recreate our own empowering narrative around what it means to be a truly powerful person-- to the greatest benefit of ourselves, our close relationships, our communities, and the planet as a whole.

In challenging the toxic, patriarchal, white supremacist, capitalist ideas of power that is literally killing Earth, together we can explore, embody, and manifest our own epic, transformative, and healing visions of true holistic power that integrates our shadows, honors the divine feminine, restores the shared ecosystem of our planet, and awaken a new reality where abundance, freedom, equality, justice, resources, and pleasure are accessible to all living beings.

Yumi Sakugawa is a second-generation Japanese-Okinawan-American interdisciplinary artist, and the author of several published books including I THINK I AM IN FRIEND-LOVE WITH YOU, YOUR ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO BECOMING ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE and THE LITTLE BOOK OF LIFE HACKS. She has also been published in Bitch, BuzzFeed, The Best American Non-Required Reading 2014, DUM DUM ZINE, and other publications, and exhibited multimedia works at the Japanese American National Museum and the Smithsonian Arts & Industries Building. A Sagittarius sun and an Aquarius rising with a midheaven in Scorpio, she currently lives in Los Angeles. @yumisakugawa

*Please bring writing utensils and notebook / journal. Wear comfortable clothing for light movement exercises

*Spirit House is a female-identifying, non-binary, trans space only.

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