Plant Spirit Meditation - Remote Workshop

Plant Spirit Meditation - Remote Workshop


Plant Spirit Meditation - Remote Workshop
September 25th 6:30pm-7:30pm PST (9:30pm-10:30pm EST) · $25

Our connection to nature and the plant world is our birthright and now is the time to reclaim this sacred relationship, for Gaia has so much wisdom they can offer our species when we take the time to listen.

Join us in this remote plant spirit meditation series where we will gather together in community and learn how to listen with our intuition, body, and extrasensory abilities to receive messages from our plant teachers, as we move out of our linear minds and into our multi-dimensional hearts. Together we will explore what embodied knowledge feels like and discover insights that can truly activate transformational healing on an individual, collective, and planetary level.

Participants in this workshop will learn how to connect with a plant* of their choice through a guided meditation and open themselves to messages, which can come in the form of images, words, sounds, emotions, bodily sensations, and/or a deep sense of knowing. Afterwards, participants will be invited to share and reflect on their experiences in a group discussion. All levels of experience are welcome.

*Plants to work with can include living plants or plant medicine such as a tea, tinctures, essential oils or flower essences.

*This is open to people who are both experienced and new to plant spirit connection.

Saewon is a flower essence practitioner, potion alchemist, plant communicator and inter-disciplinary healing artist. She is creator of Sun song, a line of plant based potions for planetary healing and meditative practices, and co-creator of Spirit House Tea: tools for manifestation and divination. In devotion to a new earth paradigm, Saewon envisions a de-colonized future where humans live respectfully with all sentient beings, in connection to both physical and spiritual dimensions of this planet. As a practitioner, she holds a gentle and expansive space, serving as a guide to your inner sanctuary where truths are unveiled and new meanings are formed.

*Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a live plant or plant medicine such as a tea, tincture, essential oil, or flower essence, journal and pen, and cushion

*Spirit House is a female-identifying, non-binary, trans space only.

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