Herbs & Energetics for Protection, Boundaries, and the Heart

Herbs & Energetics for Protection, Boundaries, and the Heart


Herbs & Energetics for Protection, Boundaries, and the Heart
August 23rd 7pm-9pm · $40

Join clinical herbalist Rachel Burgos for an evening of energetics & herbalism. Energetic herbalism works within the understanding that everything is energetic: the physical, emotional, and spiritual. In energetic herbalism relationships are cultivated with herbs to better understand and apply their energies for healing in a holistic way. Oftentimes when we start looking beneath the physical we see an emotional or spiritual root. In this class we will delve deep into the energetic uses of plants relating to some of the most important life skills we can cultivate: healthy boundaries and open hearts. Through meditation, essences, and herbs we will uncover ways to deepen our relationship with our energy and with plants for the purpose of healing. When we begin to understand our energy we can better develop a relationship with our boundaries. When dealing with boundary work we tend to feel either the need for more protection OR opening. Softening the heart is necessary for perceiving all types of energy. Herbs can help us to understand our boundaries, open our hearts, and give us a sense of safety & protection.

Rachel Burgos is an herbalist living in Los Angeles, California or occupied Tongva Land. She dedicates her clinical work to provide preventative health care and education using plant, stone, animal & earth medicines in a holistic way. This encompasses but not limited to focusing on the patterns of imbalance we create through various traumas, ancestral patterning for both chronic and acute, emotional, physical or spiritual imbalances. Her work is centered in social justice, activism, art, and healing for not only humans but the greater ecology.

*Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring a notebook and pen

**Spirit House is a female-identifying, non-binary, trans space only.

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