Non-Binary Faerie School

Non-Binary Faerie School


Non-Binary Faerie School
August 8th 6:30pm-8:30pm · $35

Non-Binary Fae School for Adults is a way to connect with the Fae realm in a non-binary way. Over time fae work became superficially binary. Let’s gather to release! This is a circle which includes; Fae offerings, embodiment, working with boundaries for overactive faeries, sharing Fae stories and a guided meditation to connect with these special beings. We’ll close by asking this realm which Fae aspects we need to connect most with right now. (Or which loving, supportive aspect wishes to connect with us!) We’ll create a talisman as an offering to this realm + each other. Most importantly, we’ll play!

This event invites loving spiritual play, non-binary thinking, fluidity, sexuality, vibrations, multitudes and more. You do not need to identify as non-binary to join us though you do need to be respectful of the non-binary space (and Fae!)

It is my belief that connecting with the Fae realm reminds us the multi dimensions of life, its magick, our community, Nature, wonder, helps with inner child work, spiritual non-seriousness + play. My mother taught me to connect with the Faerie realms when I was little and, after 32 years of resisting, I’ve come to embrace working with the Fae through realms like Science Fiction Fae, more masculine Fae, even connecting with Peter Pan as the protector of Faeries. I’m constantly learning how to listen + connect with this very special realm. Won’t you join me in this exploration?

We’re also respecting that many different cultures have many names for the realm of Fae, and my personal practice is based off working with indigenous German Fae (ours is the magick of protection + punk rock). Please bring your backgrounds and curiosities of this realm. We also understand that we are on occupied territory and respect the elementals which do not wish to be involved within our circle. We respect those beings who do not wish to join us + those who do.

Please join us for this full spectrum spiritual play workshop in each of your gorgeous selves, backgrounds and Fae friends.

Diana is a revisionist akashic records reader, queer fae worker & writer. Raised by old school Bay Area theosophists, she learned meditation + channeling from an early age. Their work is centered in queerness, social justice, inclusivity and play. D is interested in re-writing some limiting modern spiritual narratives still found in our community to further embrace multidimensionality. Using their background as a theatre maker, D offers deep + creative space for change. They still perform, making loving fun of popular healing culture. Diana’s plays have been developed with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, The New Group, IRT, the OTE, Dixon Place and more. Diana is new to LA and offers Creative Akashic Readings in her their home in Eagle Rock.

*Please wear something you think the faeries would like and is comfortable for movement.

*Spirit House is a female-identifying, non-binary, trans space only.

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