Moon Lodge: Dec 30th

Moon Lodge: Dec 30th


Let's come together and bid farewell to another year as we make room for growth and expansion. To honor the New Moon in Sagittarius we will be having a fire ceremony and puja: bring anything you're ready to release and transform through fire! As is tradition at the end of each year, for this edition of Moon Lodge, we will be making Spell Bottles to help us manifest our dreams, wishes and desires for 2018. Think of a Spell Bottle as a mini altar/ vision board you can take anywhere with you - and it really does work! You will need to bring:


✨ A mason jar or clear glass bottle with a top.

✨ Your favorite colored yarn, ribbon or thread

✨ Small crystals, charms, herbs, and objects that represent the energy you are calling in for example: a small key for mastery, a hummingbird charm for love, rice for abundance, etc, etc, etc... this is your change to get creative! 

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