Map your Home: Modern Feng Shui with Meghan Wallace James

Map your Home: Modern Feng Shui with Meghan Wallace James


February 14th 6:30pm-8:30pm - $40

Modern Feng Shui is equal parts energetic & aesthetic, grounded by a Westernized Bagua, which is a nine-zone map of the home.  In this workshop, we will learn to read the Bagua, as well as apply it to your individual floor plan.  Get ready for epiphanies regarding Love & Abundance. You shall leave the workshop with a tailored plan of harmonized action.

Meghan Wallace James is the founder and creative visionary of her namesake’s consultancy.  She has developed a tailored, detail oriented, modern interpretation of the ancient scientific art form of Feng Shui to address the myriad needs of today’s human condition. Tapping into primary portals of Space, Style & Sex, James empowers her clients to embrace radical flow for an intuitively aligned lived experience. The work serves as a catalyst for those seeking a proven approach in navigating life’s greatest challenges { romance, family dynamics, fertility, health, career transition, finances, real estate transactions, clarity of direction } via energetics, aesthetics and intuition. James’ clients credit her with providing an invaluable home/work/life blueprint and a distinctive artistic visual energy transmission: Like a switch has been flipped, folks say. Peeling back layers of embedded metaphor, aligning floor plans, balancing material elements, activating sensual polarity… James has a unique skill set ranging from the pragmatic to the esoteric.  Clients are outfitted with a lyrical vision and concrete plan of action. James has taken her earlier work experience as a project controls engineer-turned-fashion designer and has married that with her professional certifications in Eastern and Western Feng Shui to create a portfolio of services and offerings available at

*Please bring a simple sketch of your floor plan, as well as a notebook & pen. and wear comfortable clothing.

*Spirit House is a female only space

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