Many Paths to Stones & Minerals: An Introduction to Crystals

Many Paths to Stones & Minerals: An Introduction to Crystals


April 21st, 11:30pm-1:30pm ·$45

Connecting modern mysticism with ancient studies, and practical science with intuitive wisdom; this class is your launchpad into the universe of crystals. In a clear and concise approach, you will access an array of crystalline knowledge: how to apply crystals into your daily life, different approaches for healing, and most importantly how to access your own deep vibrations to resonate with crystal energy. You will leave the class with a rich treasure of resources on how to expand your growth. 

Included is a Crystalline Sound Bath Meditation. Crystals will be available for purchase.

Bring a journal and writing utensil if you'd like to keep notes, and wear what you are comfortable meditating in.

Sherise Lee is a mother, artist, and humble student of the tactile and the incorporeal. Tapping into her childhood and ancestral lineage of Chinese medicine and mysticism, she works with stone, sound & color energy. Sherise is the creator of The Radder, an online shop / storytelling platform and a contributor to the book, “The New New Age Series: Crystals.” 

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