Magick 101 with Gabriela Herstik

Magick 101 with Gabriela Herstik


Magick 101 with Gabriela Herstik

July 21st, 11am-1pm · $30

Are you ready to unleash your most magical self and work with the unseen in a new way? In this class we’ll be talking about magick. Gabriela describes magick as, energy + action + intention, we’ll be looking at each piece of this equation. We’ll be talking about what magick is, including what spells and rituals are, and how we can start to create our own magical practices. We’ll also be covering different types of magick like sympathetic magick, chaos magick and candle magick and why the binary of “black and white magick” is inherently racist and not true. We’ll talk about magick in the context of witchcraft and other earth-based spiritualities, and come up with different rituals and activities we can use to invite magick into our daily lives. We’ll also talk about how we can use tools like herbs, crystals and astrology to deepen our magical practice.  

Magick is a lot of things- it’s a relationship and it’s work. It takes practice and skill and intention. But more than anything magick is supposed be FUN! We’ll be bringing an element of play to this workshop, and thinking about how we can use magick to make us feel delicious and lovely and blissful. We’ll start the class with a brief drop in/ guided meditation to get us into our bodies and then end it by sharing some chocolate!  

*Please wear comfortable clothes.Bring any crystals you work with, a grimoire or notebook to write in and pen.

Gabriela Herstik is a Los Angeles based author, writer and witch. Her work disects the intersection of fashion, witchcraft and sexuality, and her writing aims to empower women to find their own brand of magick that feels delicious to them. Gabriela’s debut book Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft  is out in the US September 4th with TarcherPerigee. You can follow Gabriela at @gabyherstik or visit her at

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