Holding the Land

Holding the Land


April 15th, 11:30am-2:30pm ·$55

We will be creating a Macrame Wall Hanging that Holds and represents the way in which we can hold the land as caregivers and stewards. This will be a promise between ourselves and the land to offer gratitude to the land while also offering respect, care, and love. Each piece will be made using a piece of wood or branch and a small rock from the land where you live. Interweaving each one of us with the land around our house. We will Macrame' a little holder for the rock into the wall hanging. This will symbolize us holding the land and caring for her. Offering her a safe haven and a place to flourish as she does the same for us. We will discuss intentions as we work on the pieces and how when you hold an intention in your heart as you work, it incorporates into the piece you have created. I will teach several key Macrame' knots and you will have the freedom to create their own patterns with the knots I teach you. I will also provide bits of rope and yarn that have been dyed with natural dyes to incorporate as accents into the piece. 

Please bring a stick from near your home (16-20" long and 1-1 1/2" wide) and a small rock (a little smaller than palm size).

Nikki Katz is the fiber artist behind Assembly of the Wild. She is located in Southern California. Studying Fashion Design in college with a focus on knitwear she spent several years working in the Fashion Industry. She left with the birth of her first child and moved out of the city and to the beach. She began jewelry pieces of her own combining natural materials such as Leather and Wool. Drawing from the beauty of the planet around her she created Assembly of the Wild to bring together Mother Earth’s materials into pieces of jewelry, home decor, and art. Over the past few years, Assembly of the Wild, has evolved to include larger fiber art pieces from Macrame, to Weaving, Knitting, and Natural Dyes. At this time she also began to share her skills with those who shared an interest around her. She teaches workshops in Southern California, LA, San Francisco, and Oregon. Some of her favorite classes are at her sons Waldorf School passing on the knowledge of Macrame, Knitting, Crochet, Cross Stitch, and Natural Dyes. Her spiritual practice has manifested itself in her creations. Allowing her intuition to take over she has been sharing symbols such as the upside down triangle, lotus flower, and diamond in her work. She aspires daily to create intuitive and intentional pieces using items such as wood, cotton, jute, crystals, and indigo. She encourages others to see fiber art in a new and meaningful ways woven in with Mother Earth’s natural wonders.

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