Liberated Voice: Healing the Throat Chakra

Liberated Voice: Healing the Throat Chakra


Liberated Voice: Healing the Throat Chakra
September 26th 6:30pm-8:30pm · $44

What is your relationship with your voice? Most of us are holding massive amounts of tension in our mouths, throats, jaws - which creates constriction in the physical body, as well as emotional & communication blocks. This all comes from our conditioning to hold back, which is prevalent in everyone but particularly in people socialized as girls - holding back the the truth, holding back spontaneous expression, holding feeling in until it becomes visceral pain in the body or bursts out in unwanted ways.

In ancient cultures there were groups of people (typically womxn) called Wailers. If there was deep loss or pain in the community, these wailers would surround the grieving being(s) and scream, yell, sob with them. It was understood that these emotions needed to be released out of the body. I once heard an acting teacher say - “at the moment of catharsis, there are no words. There is only sound.” Sound is the most heightened of all expression. Sound is grief and despair, ecstasy and eros, it is pure sensation, unfiltered expression.

Though we won’t be primal-screaming in this workshop (out of consideration for neighbor,) we’ll be doing gentle vocal release work to connect to the healing powers of sound-making. Non-verbal sound puts us back in touch with our animal body - our pre-verbal, infant self that is pure sensation, pure feeling, pure love. It takes us out of rational, analytical, over-thinking consciousness and moves, frees, and enlivens us.

In this workshop, we will be examining our relationship to our voice (the expressive & the physical.) You’ll be guided through a meditation for the throat chakra; gentle exercises to release the jaw, mouth, and throat; vocal release; and creative journaling prompts. This is a compassionate & courageous space to feel into your power, creativity, and vulnerability, and deepen your relationship with yourself. Healing the throat chakra allows us to connect to radical honesty - to honor the wise inner voice, process trauma and grief, connect more deeply to pleasure and desire, clear communication blocks with others, and boldly USE YOUR VOICE to usher in radical change in culture & community.

Hazel is a multi-disciplinary artist & performer, queer witch, eco-feminist, and pleasure activist, whose creative & healing practices are centered around the body as a site of awareness, wisdom, and liberation. Their offerings include yoga and intuitive movement classes, reiki healing, and various workshops merging creative expression & embodiment. Hazel’s work is care-oriented, compassionate, and deeply devoted towards collective freedom and transformation.

*Wear comfortable clothes that allow for some gentle movement, a journal & pen.

*Spirit House is a female-identifying, non-binary, trans space only.

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