How to Uncover Your Truth: Overcoming Stereotypes and Oppressions

How to Uncover Your Truth: Overcoming Stereotypes and Oppressions


October 11th 6:30pm-8:30pm · $40

The Melanin Collective seeks to dive into our internal self-talk and self-worth. Women of marginalized communities are bombarded with images, stereotypes, and ridiculous expectations for who we should be or should aspire to be. Join us for a discussion and training on self-oppression. Learn how are you holding yourself back and how can you become aware of your patterns become your true self!

Guided meditation led by special guest, Yumi Sakugawa.

Key Takeaways:

·       Identify and question whether this is your voice or an outside voice

·       Recognize how you are holding yourself back with negative internal self-talk

·       Practice awareness of your self-talk patterns and work towards becoming your true self

·       Develop strategies and coping mechanisms for dealing with the negative messages around WoC and oppressive environments

·       Manifest the relationships and experiences you want to have in your life

Ticket includes:

·       Entrance to workshop

·       #TheMCSquad Swag

·       Access to Continuing the Conversation (online community)

*Please note, this workshop location is not wheelchair accessible.

The Melanin Collective is committed to self-exploration and development. Therefore, the effectiveness of the workshop relies on you bringing an open mind, body, and spirit.

Doris Quintanilla, Co-Founder & Executive Director of The Melanin Collective: Women of Color, Standing Together (The MC). After a traumatic brain injury that resulted in permanent cognitive disabilities in 2015, Doris decided to leave toxic nonprofit spaces. After nine years of working in community health education, youth development, and sexual and reproductive health, Doris entered a new chapter in her life; working to create a world in which disabilities are normalized, race and gender wage gaps are non-existent, and women of color thrive, and live fulfilling lives. To create this world, Doris co-founded The MC, a space for women of color to see their true self and value, work as a collective for the common good, and develop supportive, professional, and lasting relationships. Doris grew up in Santa Ana, California, and went on to receive a bachelor’s in International Development with a focus on Latin America and the Middle East from UCLA in 2008.

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