Future Peace Collective Visualization Manifestation Workshop

Future Peace Collective Visualization Manifestation Workshop


September 9th 11:00am-1:00pm · $35

During these turbulent and challenging times, it is more important than ever for all of us to consciously and collectively create the future that we wish to see for this world, to energetically create new patterns and modalities of living, creating, and connecting with ourselves, each other, and the planet at large. The future of our planet depends on our ability to imagine a new reality and to bring that reality closer to the present with the collective power of our imaginations and opened heart space.

FUTURE PEACE COLLECTIVE VISUALIZATION MANIFESTATION WORKSHOP invites participants to meditate on the future they wish to manifest for themselves that is their highest vibration, and then meditate and visualize how their ideal future fits into the greater vision of a collective future for humanity that is peaceful, just, and harmonious for all sentient beings on this planet. Participants will engage in guided meditations, a collective visualization ritual for healing the
planet, and create an energetically charged talisman to take home.

Yumi Sakugawa is a second-generation Japanese-Okinawan-American interdisciplinary artist, cosmic priestess, and the author of several published books including "I THINK I AM IN FRIEND-LOVE WITH YOU", "YOUR ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO BECOMING ONE WITH THE UNIVERSE" and "THE LITTLE BOOK OF LIFE HACKS". She has also exhibited multimedia works at the Japanese American National Museum and the Smithsonian Arts & Industries Building. A Sagittarius sun and Aquarius ascendant with a midheaven in Scorpio, Yumi is currently obsessed with desert landscapes, opening portals, mindful fashion as spiritual armor, homemade ginger tea, and shadow integration. yumisakugawa.com / @yumisakugawa

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