Flow-Writing: Channeling Your Inner Wisdom

Flow-Writing: Channeling Your Inner Wisdom


Flow-Writing: Channeling Your Inner Wisdom
July 28th 11am-1pm · $44

Expand your vessel and allow space for the unexpected through the freedom of presence.

A mindful writing workshop to help you channel your inner wisdom via seher’s evolving flow-writing technique; flow-writing is a distillation of seher’s personal writing practice in the spirit of passing it on to others.

The core values of this practice focus on:

* mindfulness, neutrality, and non-judgment

* suspension of our mechanical, identified minds

* facilitating and maintaining flow-state

* openness to higher-level receptivity and insight

* subtle, gentle conscious awareness

This workshop will include:

* brief instruction on the technique (with q&a)

* meditation (part guided, part sound)

* writing time (including optional prompts)

* group conversation (sharing of experiences)

seher is a brooklyn based photographer, writer, and community facilitator with the heart of her work rooted in the inextricable link between art, media, culture, healing, and social change— particularly in ways that activate communities by catalyzing inspired transformation. her highest intention is to create heart-healing medicine— projects, initiatives, works, spaces, movements— to spark creative dialogue and help elevate the way we exist as humans.

*Please come prepared with your favorite writing instrument and journal to write in.

**Please note, this workshop will be held in the NYC space - Spirit House is a female-identifying, non-binary, trans space only.

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