How To Be A Clear Mirror: Ethics for Witches & Healers with Rachel Howe

How To Be A Clear Mirror: Ethics for Witches & Healers with Rachel Howe


March 30th, 7pm-9pm · $40

Talk and discussion (questions welcomed) about how to integrate the responsibility that comes along with reading others, and working with the energy of others. Explore ways to use language and your own energy to facilitate healing for others without causing harm. We'll discuss what "holding space" really means, and learn essential concepts & helpful tips for healers and witches to consider as they enter into the energetic realms of spirit and of other human beings. A guided meditation for self-reflection and clearing is included.

Awakening to the power within each of us to sense more than the usual, and to use that information to heal ourselves and others, is exciting. But along with an expansion of what it means to sense, intuit, and synthesize wisdom, there comes a need for understanding the responsibility and ethics of how we use this, for ourselves and others. Reading people is thrilling, but as healers and witches, we need to move this ability through an ego-centered validation of knowing, into a place where we transform knowledge into helpful soul-based wisdom. Tapping into intuition must also include holding space for the self – clearing one's own negative patterning is imperative, and holding space for others, so that knowledge can truly transform into guidance that heals, and not stay in the realm of a magic trick that only proves ability. Humanitarian ethics must travel along side the witch as she journeys into an expanded spiritual perception. A witch is a bridge between the two worlds and so she holds a responsibility to both human and spiritual realms.

*Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a pillow, a notebook and a pen. 
*Spirit House Collective is a female only space.

Rachel runs Smalls Spells, a multi-dimensional brand, joining healing and the arts. Rachel provides inspiration and healing through private tarot readings and reiki sessions, as well as her regular astrology posts and channeled messages. Her work empowering others to find their way to healing also takes the form of teaching regular workshops on tarot and accessing intuition. Reaching a broad audience through her illustrations that embrace mysticism while staying firmly rooted in the culture of modern design – drawing on the imagery of cartoons, tattoos, handmade illustrations and low-fi graphic design, Rachel has found a voice that is both accessible and aspirational. Whether through energy work, a hand-poked tattoo, or a t-shirt, the aim is always to lift up those around her, to raise the level of communication and self-awareness, and to enable personal healing and growth to occur.

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