Dreamscape (NYC Workshop)
May 9th 7pm-9pm · $45

Decode your dreams and explore multi-dimensional states of consciousness with dream inducing plant allies. Herbs and roots known as oneirogens have been used for thousands of years for prophetic divination and lucid dreaming. These plant spirits can greatly enhance vision, consciously awakening us to explore the astral planes and spirit world to gain wisdom for personal growth and creative expression. 

In this interactive experience, you’ll gain a greater connection to the subconscious mind as well as the unseen cosmic forces by understanding symbolism and archetypes within a cultural and personal context. After discussing the many ways to work with oneirogens through dieta (plant dieting or fasting), we’ll engage in meditative ritual with a specially chosen dream plant through tea and smoke for divination. For this workshop, we’ll become acquainted with Heimia Salicifola, or Sun Opener––a plant known for its ability to travel through distant memories with vivid recollection. We’ll close with an illuminating guided breathwork journey to support your expanded awareness in dream space. 

Siedeh Foxie is a Brooklyn based intuitive healer, certified therapeutic breathwork practitioner, utilizing integrative bodywork for emotional release and clearing. Accessing a blend of energy modalities including breathwork, healing touch, sound vibration, and plant medicine, Siedeh holds space that allows connection to our inner wisdom; thereby gaining insight and clarity to empower profound shifts. Through studies of the Eastern principles of spirituality, with her roots in shamanism from South America, she believes that we all possess the unique abilities to heal ourselves, others and ultimately the world at large. She believes we are all intuitive beings equipped with the necessary tools we need to clear blockage, release trauma, balance energy, and restore harmony to fulfill our soul potential.

Siedeh leads and teaches spiritual wellness based workshops at spaces in New York including Maha Rose, Golden Drum, Heal Haus, and Space by Mama Medicine. Siedeh works primarily from her home office space in Bed Stuy where she facilitates group and private sessions, with a priority to make healing accessible to all. She began her healing practice as a Reiki Master practitioner in 2014, and is now certified in essential oils and aromatherapy through Floracopeia, as well as foundational studies of Jyotish through Sivananda Yoga Center. Currently, Siedeh is completing studies through the Integrative Psychology program with Akamai, and training in the Soul Processing Acupressure system of healing.

**Please refrain from drinking caffeine, alcohol or ingesting any mind/body altering substances (including cannabis or CBD) on the day of this workshop. Bring a journal and pen/pencil for note taking. 

**Please note, this workshop will be held in the NYC space - Spirit House is a female-identifying/non-binary/trans space only.

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