Dream Interpretation Circle

Dream Interpretation Circle


April 17th, 6:30pm-8:30pm ·$25

Join Stevie Leigh at SpiritHouse to talk about dreamwork and dream interpretation. We will be talking about herbs to enhance your dreamwork practice, techniques for dreamwork, and dream interpretation using both collective and individual symbols. If you keep a dream journal please bring it with you. If you have a dream or series of dreams you would like help analyzing, let’s hear it! Write down every detail so we can get to the bottom of what your psyche is trying to tell you.

Please bring your dream journal, a journal to take notes with, and a pen.

Stevie Leigh is a Birth Doula and Intuitive Guide who offers Private Healing Sessions and specializes in Women's Wellness. She believes that every person inherently knows what is best for them and guides people in the direction they need to achieve any goals they may have. Stevie is gifted at holding space and providing a safe container for you to figure out what your needs are while in a transition. Her focus is in herbal remedies, pregnancy, and childbirth coaching with a focus on sexual education, childbirth education and self empowerment.  Stevie works closely with herbs and offers specialty tea blends and yoni steams made to your specific needs.

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