Children of the Moon

Children of the Moon


February 19th 6:30pm - 8:30pm · $45

We gather each month, under the light and power of the moon to connect to it's energy and the energy of our community. This incredibly potent time of the month is the perfect time for intention setting, clearing blocks, release work, all while sitting in circle with those who wish to support and love you. Our themes change each month, but our purpose remains the same. To see you, to hear you, and to hold space for your journey.

Is your energy out of alignment? A streak of recurring misfortunes? Do you feel as if your emotional needs are not being fulfilled? Feeling sick as if you can’t full recover? Do you feel stuck? If your answer is “yes”, you may feel as if “The Lovers Tarot Card” is currently on “reverse” for you. At times, we must seek deeper to love ourselves. Treat yourself with compassion, support and gift yourself the love you deserve. Are you ready to move forward? We invite you to join us in sacred circle to recalibrate your frequencies, releasing stagnant energy, moving with the flow of the universe, opening paths for good fortune, by spiritually cleansing your body, mind, and soul with a sweeping limpia (cleansing), using sacred plants of mother earth to sweep away and rejuvenate, giving self-love, and restore balance and harmony into your life.

Lupita is a healer, clairaudient, and therapist who descends from five generations of Nahuatl traditions of folk healing medicine. She embraces the path of self-love, healing and discovery, coming from a place of gratitude. She elevates, connects and supports people through sacred cleansing ceremonies and protection practices.

*Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a notebook and pen.
*Spirit House Collective is a female only space.

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