Children of the Moon

Children of the Moon


January 20th 6:30pm - 8:30pm · $45

From ancestral times, the Moon has meant much more than a star that captivates us with its brightness at night. It has been the subject of "encantos", inspiration and legends. Please join us during our full moon circle to bring out the light you instill within you. As we enter into the first full moon of the new year, it is an ideal time to set intentions into what we want to attract. What do want to attract for 2019?

Please bring a small item that symbolizes what you'd like to most attract for 2019. For  example, if you want to spend time at the beach, bring a seashell. If you want to travel more, bring a picture of a passport. We invite you to share your intention during the circle to cast into the universe, manifest, and bind with a sweetgrass ceremony. Participants will create a powerful protection amulet to take home.

Jenn Rodriguez is a healer and teacher by lineage, a therapist by training. Jenn embraces the path of self-love, healing and discovery, coming from a place of gratitude. She elevates, connects and supports people through creating relevant and meaningful cleansing ceremonies, protection practices, spell work, candle work, death with dignity and self-work.  

*Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a notebook and pen.
*Spirit House Collective is a female only space.

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