Coven Circle - Private Event

Coven Circle - Private Event


February 11th 6:30pm-8:30pm - $10

When we feel something is off, or even downright wrong, often we feel helpless and unable to pinpoint where this feeling is coming from. Even when we do figure out the cause of the energetic disruption, we don’t always have the tools to fix it ourselves. 

Join us for a back to basics workshop where we will learn to easily diagnose and differentiate the energies of Psychic attack, Psychic disturbance caused by self, Entity attachments, Leaky boundary empathy, and just being plain worn out. We will cover practical ways to recall your power in these situations, as well as techniques to maintain our energetic boundaries in everyday life, our homes, and in the face of more extreme scenarios. 

Amelia Rose is an LA based tattooer, empath and person originally from Maine. Through her personal journey with artwork, reiki, and the psychic arts Amelia has felt enriched and found a passion for healing herself and others.

*Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a notebook and pen

*Spirit House is a female-identifying only space

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