Coffee Reading Ceremony & Insights With Ani Vibe

Coffee Reading Ceremony & Insights With Ani Vibe


April 7th, 11:30am-2:30pm ·$35

Immerse yourself and all your senses in a cultural and spiritual coffee ceremony with Master Coffee Reader Ani Vibes. Learn about the history of coffee reading and its cultural and spiritual impact on female empowerment, an introduction on how to work with the symbols and signs appearing in the demitasse, and dive deeper as Ani helps guide your own intuitive flow in becoming more familiar with coffee reading and divination all around.

Every guest gets a reading during the group ceremony where each cup can also be examples for others to observe. It will be very interactive and the ceremony is an extremely healing, releasing, and invigorating experience. From the intention setting in the very beginning where all details in making the coffee is paid attention to, to pouring, to energy exchanges, to esoteric and intuitive information downloaded and distributed through the group, to releases, and even the washing of the cups are ritualistic is nature in teaching the reader to become more aware of their surroundings and eventually reading beyond the cup. Also, the reader learns to take time and sets intention in all their endeavors in the way they do with the coffee to see the results as they do in the coffee.

Be comfy and a bit festive because it is a special occasion! Do not come with an empty stomach, since we will probably having more than one cup, we will be flying. 

Ani has been a clairvoyant from a very young age. Growing up in the Armenian culture has allowed her to master her innate gifts in reading coffee grinds for family members and friends since she could remember sharing her healing gifts with the world fulfills her purpose and brings Ani infinite joy. She is part of the artist collective at Align Gallery in Highland Park, where she conducts readings for special events. Born in LA, growing up in the Bay Area, and living abroad in Armenia, she has made her way full circle and settling back at the place of her beginning.

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