Chakra Clearing Ceremony

Chakra Clearing Ceremony


July 11th, 6:30pm-8:30pm ·$50

The unique style of healing Azul imparts in her private and group sessions, is extremely deep and regenerative.Throughout her shamanic experience and training, she has developed a sharp intuition and ability to assist her clients in their individual healing journey by assisting in: identifying blockages in the body, consciousness, belief systems, ect. And finding the perfect modality to move the energy and encourage a flow.

In this multi-faceted healing workshop, Azul not only takes the group through a process of self discovery, she also freely shares the tools to heal and mindfulness techniques to take  into all aspects of life.

During the session she begins with breathing techniques that allow one to go deep within and release old and stagnant energy, using a technique called ‘circle breath’. Many people have profound experiences using this technique and some people even have visions. We then go into a guided self healing meditation, where we meet and merge with our high vibrational self. From there, segue into a beautiful sound bath to integrate the energy. We end with individual chakra clearing + alignments for each attendee. 


•breath work

•guided meditation


•individual chakra clearing+alignment

*Please wear comfortable clothing. And bring a pillow and blanket, notebook and pen.

AZUL is a Los Angeles Native, Artist, Founder of LIGHTTRIBE + CEREMONY, empath, sound healer, and Meditation Guide, Azul, has been practicing meditation for as long as she can remember. Growing up with a Hypnotherapist Mother, was an integral part of her home life and contributed in developing a vivid imagination and creative way of expressing. In her early twenties, she began to study and practice meditation daily; along with furthering her spiritual journey in shamanic work. In her guided meditations she combines breath work, visualization, sound therapies, vocal toning, chakra alignment, and deep relaxation techniques to guide the group through healing and self-empowerment. Her unique approach to guiding has garnered a supportive community of meditation goers of all backgrounds and levels of experience in in the East LA, Downtown and Beverly Hills areas.

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