Breathwork for Connection

Breathwork for Connection


Breathwork for Connection 
March 12th 6:30pm - 8:30pm · $40

Breathwork is an active meditation that opens your body to a deeper connection with your heart and the hearts of all living things. Breathwork helps release old wounds, shed limiting beliefs, tap into intuitive knowing, inspire creativity, and integrate intentions into the physical body. Through this physical release, breathwork creates space in the body for new energy and ideas to grow and thrive. Practicing breathwork feels like plugging directly into source energy!

In this session we’ll be harnessing that connection to open our hearts to ourselves, our guides, and our loved ones. We all have relationships that need healing - whether that’s the relationship we have with ourselves, or one we have with others. Through the breath we can jump-start the healing we long for. There’s significant power in coming together in a sacred container to breathe and open our hearts together as a group. This group dynamic allows you to care for yourself while also caring for your community through group healing. This two hour circle will be split into three parts: time to reflect around how connection is showing up in our current lives, time to lay down and breathe to a curated soundtrack, and time to share and witness together.

Amy Kuretsky (she/her) is an acupuncturist and wellness coach for mind, body, and business based out of so-called Minneapolis. Her work is focused on helping female-identified and non-binary business owners connect to and heal their heart wounds by using breathwork, acupuncture, and tarot. She believes that our physical and emotional health are inextricably tied and that healing the physical body starts with healing the emotional body. Her work using the breath is focused on jump-starting that important self-healing. Along with holding a masters degree in Chinese medicine and herbology, she has also completed a four-part breathwork healer training with her teacher David Elliott.

*Please wear comfortable clothes to lay down and breathe in. Bring an eye mask or covering if you have one, a shawl or blanket for warmth and comfort, and any stones or crystals you’d like to hold during the breathwork.

*Spirit House is a Female-Identifying only space.

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