AWAKEN THE WARRIOR: Solar Plexus Activation Group Reiki Healing

AWAKEN THE WARRIOR: Solar Plexus Activation Group Reiki Healing


August 7th 7pm-9pm · $45

In this group healing Clairvoyant Reiki Master Teacher Camille Langston and Clairvoyant Reiki Healer Domonique Echeverria will guide you through a group meditation, grounding ritual, and give each attendee one on one reiki. The theme for this healing is WARRIOR ENERGY. With the Sun now in Leo we will be activating our solar plexus centers: the energy center in the body responsible for our willpower, ability to manifest, metabolism, and transformation. As empaths, healers, and femmes, we can absorb so much energy from others that our own gut instincts become muddled and inaccurate, which can lead to emotional distress and tension in the body/mind/soul system. This group healing will act as a catalyst to awaken the warrior within all of us: getting clear with our boundaries, feeling connected to this physical plane, and becoming master manifestors. Each person will be gifted a crystal charged with their intention specifically for the solar plexus chakra!

 Bring a yoga mat/pillows/blanket, anything you need to lie down comfortably on the ground. dress comfortably and bring something to write on. Feel free to bring any crystals you want placed on you during the healing.

Camille is an intuitive and clairvoyant Reiki Master Teacher, and has been a student of African Spiritualism as well as herbalism for health and ritual for several years. She is an intuitive channel, crystal healer, and tarot card reader. You can see more of her work by visiting her Instagram @reikimedicinegoddess. Praise the Ancestors, ASÉ.

Domonique Echeverria is a intuitive and clairvoyant Reiki Healer and Medicine Woman. After a severe near-death accident in 2015, she was forced to bring herself back to life and heal deep trauma. She decided to go the wholistic health route and work with the Elders, Shamans, Nutritionists, and more. Through the process of re-birthing herself she created Universal Mother; a platform for those searching for safe and effective alternative medicine. You can read more about her journey and teachings on her website

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