Ancestral Origins Meditation - Remote Workshop

Ancestral Origins Meditation - Remote Workshop


Ancestral Origins Meditation - Remote Workshop
August 26th 6:30pm-8pm PST (9:30-11pm EST) · $25

A stroll through the hallways of time, space and dimension. Enjoy a voice guided and visual meditation experience that seeks to connect you to any of the many realms of the Ancestors that is relevant for you at your time of listening.

Sometimes we find ourselves so at odds with family in this world that we'll block out our entire lineage to avoid one person. Who does this serve? My answer is only those who let it serve them. And I happen to like my service to be both accountable and transparent.

Join in as we dive into the various realms of ancestral experience each month, allowing spirit to guide us where we need to show up.

Pigmented (78%), womoonist (as constant and faithful as the tides), cissy (femme but hetero-ish), multisexual (it's a spectrum, seems unwise to call it), travel-apt (Earth is a country) and fashion forward (Funk Flag Flyage) SSJW (Sarcastic Social Justice Warrior). I'm your forebears attainable unreality. *

*Please note, this is a remote workshop. Please have headphones ready, wear light colors or white. No black, red. Have a notebook for journaling after the meditation. Questions.

**Spirit House is a female-identifying, non-binary, trans space only.

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